Therapy for Adults

I offer expressive arts therapy for adults who are interested in the wisdom that can be found in their own creative expression. Incorporating expressive arts into therapy sessions can help you to unlock the wisdom you already have inside you. Your own creativity can act as a guide toward the life that you want to lead.

Sometimes, the language of everyday words can only take us so far. When we are navigating particularly difficult moments in our lives, or when we are feeling the hurts left by our pasts, words can often feel difficult to come by. This can feel especially true for those of us who tend to find release via expressing ourselves through arts and creativity. Creative expression can act as a world we create where we can access our inner wisdom, and where we can be guided by another form of language. When we immerse ourselves in the creative space, we can often find our way to other ways of being, thinking, and feeling that we might otherwise have difficulty getting in touch with.

Expressive arts therapy can be particularly helpful in processing issues related to trauma, expressing emotions and thoughts, discovering new coping skills, and reframing current perspectives. This type of therapy can help us toward healing our relationship to our inner self that in turn can help us heal our relationships with others. It can support us in gaining new insights about how to navigate the ups and downs that life presents to us.

In our sessions, I will invite you to trust in yourself, trust in your creative expression, and trust in the strength of your own inner wisdom. Let's explore together the powerful insights your creativity can show you.