Parent Support

Parenting is hard! It's okay to give yourself compassion, and to remind yourself that doing your best doesn't mean being perfect. It's also okay to reach out for support when you feel you've reached a point where your role as a parent seems difficult to cope with and fraught with overwhelm, confusion, and frustration.

I can offer you an empathetic listening ear in a non-judgmental, accepting, and supportive space. And, if you're up for it, we may throw in some playfulness and creativity into the mix as well!

I provide parent support in one of two ways, either collaboratively with parents of children working with me in therapy, or therapeutically for adults who would like individual support:

Collaborative parent sessions - If your child is in therapy with me, you will be expected to collaborate with me via monthly parent sessions. We will incorporate coaching and guidance to build on your current strengths, identify new skills and perspectives to support you in your parenting role, and create a safe space for you to explore the generational histories that have informed the ways in which you and your family function. These collaborative parent sessions will be separate from your child's regular therapy sessions, and they will not include your child.

Individualized parenting support - Individual sessions can help you discover the practical strategies and the healing tools you need to become the parent you want to be. 

If you are interested in therapeutic support focused on helping you navigate the challenges that come along with parenting, weekly individualized sessions may be appropriate for you and can help you grow greater empathy for yourself, your family, your children, and your inner child.

During the course of individual sessions, it is possible that you will uncover past wounds, possibly even wounds that have been with you since childhood and which may be shaping the way you parent the children you have or how you show up in your family. In our work together, we will focus on creating a healing, trusting relationship. My goals is to help you feel the safety you need to delve into the deep places that will lead you to release past hurts so that you can parent from a stance of authenticity and empathy.

Please Note: Individual therapy sessions for parents are available only to those who do not already have a child participating in my services. If you are the parent of a child working with me, I cannot offer you individual therapy sessions, but I can offer you referrals to other wonderful therapists.